Meeting the Challenges


Operators of large dairy farms face many challenges. These include acquiring the necessary financing to support growth, finding and managing an efficient labor force, and keeping a large herd in good health and at a high rate of production in a clean and humane environment.

Another major challenge – perhaps the greatest constraint to growth – is handling the waste produced by livestock in a way that is environmentally benign, acceptable to the surrounding community, and results in the best value to the owner from this important byproduct.

Agri-Waste Energy is a company that understands the challenges faced by large dairy operations, and has developed solutions that can help, especially in the area of waste utilization. We have developed a system that, in conjunction with an anaerobic digester, produces a high quality fuel, Renewable Natural Gas that be injected into  common carrier natural gas pipelines and delivered to an end-user.

We may have a solution that fits your large dairy operation.